launching early 2022

“The role of authenticity has become more and more important in our world and especially in our media industry,” Fakhrara explained. “Being from Iran myself,  I have always wanted to create something that brings light to that region of the middle east. The music there is not just duduk and dumbak - there are many instruments there that all have different stories to tell both on the screen and in music.”

Designed to promote under-voiced middle eastern media composers from around the world, the Middle Eastern Media Composer Initiative will feature a six-month mentorship that includes bi-weekly check-ins and one on one meetings with industry leaders, including Directors, Producers, Agents, Audio Directors and Music Supervisors, among others. It will also include access to daily studio work and all activities, included but not limited to, scoring sessions, spotting sessions, and working with picture.

As the media industry has evolved so has its music needs. Today’s composer should be trained and versed in many platforms, not just films. These platforms include but are not limited to Video Games, 3D, VR, and AR. This program is designed to prepare the applicant for the “real-world” experience they will need.

For more information or participation please contact - helloMEMCIMP@gmail.com

*The application process will begin end of August 2021 with 3 selected applicants announced in early 2022; all applicants must be of middle eastern descent.